New LawSpace For Rent in Downtown Chattanooga

Share Law Office Space with Experienced Lawyers in Downtown Chattanooga.

Mid-sized litigation firm of 8 attorneys and staff are renting law office space in the Pinnacle Bank Building.  This downtown Chattanooga law office is located near all major courthouses.  Address is 801 Broad Street, Suite 428  Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402.

Rental terms are negotiable and the offices are approximately 10 x 15.  Criteria includes furnished office, reception, conferenced roon, legal internet research, break room and covered parking deck.   Certain utilities are included.   Inquire with Barry Abbott.

Practice areas include:  business law, eminent domain, estate and probate, family law, general litigation, personal injury and real property, taxation and torts and insurance.  Practicing law with these experienced attorneys could only aid your law practice.  And perhaps some referrals.   All inquires are confidential. Contact Barry Abbott, a well respected real estate, business and litigation lawyer.    423 265-8804 for more information. 

This LawSpace offers not only a great location but diverse practice areas of attorneys sharing law office space in Chattanooga.  Lawyers are sharing law office space from California to Tennessee.  Check it out today. 

Are solo practitioners feeling isolated in their law practice?

A solo practitioner in Brazil was inquiring  online of other lawyers about being isolated in their law practice.   The responses from lawyers practicing on their own affirmed that solo lawyers can get segregated from other lawyers.   Solo practitioners and small law firms (ten attorneys and under) make up approximately 49 % of active U.S. lawyers.  While the American Bar Association has not broken down the number of actual solo practitioners versus small law firm practices, solo lawyers are so busy hustling for clients, performing legal duties and billing clients,  that it can be isolating.   Sarah Stock of Legal Back Office and Stock Legal in St. Louis, Missouri  agrees.  “When people start running their own firm, it can be overwhelming and lonely.”


Attorneys are practicing in the same office with other lawyers absent the creation of a "law firm" across the United States.  These lawyers are an association of independent attorneys.  See Model Rule below.


  • In our blog Tips for Sharing Law Space with other Lawyers,  we talked about safeguard tips for sharing law office space with other lawyers who are not affiliated with your law firm.  Considering the effect of conflicts and other ethical rules such as Model Rule 7.1 (avoid appearances of a partnership with attorneys sharing law office space),  lawyers are finding a group of lawyers having synergy and practicing in a shared office space.   This co-working situation among lawyers is a great solution.  Not only could this increase potential revenues, it could zap that feeling of isolation in your solo law practice.  


  • And working with other lawyers (not necessarily a member of one’s own firm) can boost confidence and morale.  Check out our blog post:  Can Working in a Shared Office Space really make you Happier?   According to Deskmag, an international online magazine about co-working, their survey suggested that there is a difference in levels of satisfaction on whether the lawyer formally worked in a traditional office versus the home.  Simply,  the lawyers sharing office space possessed more self-confidence.  Deskmag reported 90% higher confidence where lawyers were working in a shared office space situation.  Supporting reasons for this increased confidence  included but were not limited to:   the ability to choose co-working lawyers, and reduced stress due to choosing a LawSpace closer to home.


  • Also, many law firms are moving forward on a “hub and wheel” approach.  This means lawyers leave with their client base and work for newly innovative law firms allowing a type of sharing of law firm resources.   These remote attorneys do not work in the principal law office of the larger firm but instead are allowed to  take advantage of the efficiencies that technology makes possible.  The remote attorneys find office space while they electronically tap into the hub law firm’s resources.   Firms in Atlanta trying this approach include:  Taylor English, Fisher Broyles  According to Taylor English, “One of the key distinguishing characteristics of our firm is our first-of-its kind hybrid business model in which we blend the full-service features of a centralized office – our “Hub” – with the efficiency and geographic scope of a virtual law firm, with our ‘Remote’ lawyers situated close to clients across the country while collaborating with our Hub attorneys and each other on a shared technology platform.”


These lawyers are looking for shared law office space.   And that is one of the reasons we created  Created by lawyers for lawyers who share law office space.  We are revolutionizing how lawyers connect for space sharing. 


New Year. New LawSpace in Raleigh NC - office sharing opportunity

New Year and New LawSpace for Rent  - Lawyers Sharing Office Space

It's a new year and we have new LawSpace available for attorneys seeking to share law office space.   Office Sharing opportunity in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Check out all other amenities by searching zip code 27612.   Join lawyers who are already practicing law and reduce your law firm expenses.   You work out the deal with this law firm and move ahead with practicing law.   This law firm practices business, elder law, estate planning, general litigation, personal injury and real property law. 

Don't forget to check out our other blogs about ethics and office space sharing.

Tips for Sharing Law Space with Other Lawyers - Don't forget the Ethics

Tips for Sharing  LawSpace with Other Lawyers – Don’t forget the Ethics

Many lawyers, particularly solo practitioners, are sharing law office space with other lawyers.  Overhead expenses, such as receptionists, conference rooms, and internet and copy machines can be reduced if these expenses are sharing by multiple attorneys.  

There are ethics considerations for lawyers who choose to share LawSpace with other lawyers.  While not prohibited by ethics rules, here are some guidelines derived from the Model Rules. 

Avoid Appearances of a Partnership when Attorneys Share Law Office Space

When sharing space with another lawyer, each firm should have a distinct telephone line and should not misrepresent to potential clients that they are in association or a partnership.  Lawyers having separate law practices may not use joint letterhead.  Often lawyers sharing space wish to appear as a larger firm to potential clients in order to attract business.  If you are not a true partnership, it is advised pursuant to ethical rules not to use joint letterhead and present signs that show anything other than the separate practices.  See Model Rule 7.1.

Protect Clients’ Secrets and Confidences

Confidential files of one lawyer may not be accessible by other lawyers sharing LawSpace.  Secure files, digitally or otherwise, to maintain all confidences and secrets.  Leaving files in a joint conference room or break room is not advisable.  Locking files away would be the best way to protect the client and stay within ethical guidelines.

Maintain Independent Legal Judgement

Lawyers should verify that there is no improper solicitation of clients or referrals of business to or from other space sharing lawyers in the office.  A lawyer must take care to exercise independent professional judgment regarding legal representation and not be influenced by other office sharing status. There are specific rules regarding referrals of business pursuant to the model rules.  Under Model Rule 1.5, an attorney may share fees with another attorney outside the referring attorney’s law firm if the fee is reasonable, is proportionate to the work performed and the clients’ agreement to the arrangement is confirmed in writing including the split of the fee. In these scenario attorneys and sharing office space and working on the same client representation must take extra care to ensure that the client is informed that the attorneys are not practicing in the same law firm.

Consider the Effect of Conflicts

When interviewing a new attorney to space share or rent a conference room, a conflict check should be run against the existing matters handled by the perspective attorney tenant and those attorneys currently in the LawSpace.  Sharing space with attorneys with complimentary practices usually minimizes the incidents of conflicts.  If a conflict is identified, the law firms involved can make reasoned decisions on how to address the issue. However, deciding in advance of how to handle conflicts would be advisable.  Check your jurisdiction regarding how waivers are handled with your clients. 


New LawSpace for lease - Madison Ave, New York

It is getting cold outside and it's time to find your new LawSpace for your law practice.

 New Law Office and work stations for rent:   488 Madison Ave, zip coce 10022.   

Exterior office with receptionist.   Great location.  Start or move your law practice and share space with other attorneys.  Get the benefits of sharing law office space:  this office has various practice areas.   Work stations which could be used for paralegals and your own secretary are for rent too.  Check it more details including practice areas and other amenities at   Zip 10022.

Call Nereida Cheshire for more details.  212.308.8505  ext. 1233.